Crop Circle Tours

Video clips from crop circle tours showing
cases of instantaneous battery, electronic equipment, and camera failure

"As I walked over the edge of the crop circle the display on my meter froze up and then went blank.
I was prepared for some 'high strangeness' in crop circles, but this was over the top. And little did I know at
the time, it would just be the beginning of my crop circle adventures . . ." --Dr. Simeon Hein, excerpt from Opening Minds

Electronic Compass Stops Working at Avebury '08
Camera Fails in East Field '07


"Here you can participate in the mystery and help create it!" D.B.

"This was our second time and it was better than ever!" L.M.

 Camera Behaves Strangely
at West Woods Formation '08
  GPS Device Has Batteries Depleted in
the Devil's Den Formation (1999)

"One of the best and most comprehensive tours I have ever been on!" B.M.

"Ron’s tours are surprisingly informative, magical, mind-opening and fun!"

"Here you can participate in the mystery and help create it!" D.B.

Farmer's Kids See "Ball of Light" Near New Crop Formation (Chutes '07)

It Happened Near This Formation!

Yes, I want to learn more about the tour

Visit the Mysterious Stone Circle in Avebury --
The oldest in Europe and largest in the World.

Avebury Avebury2

"This research tour to England is unlike anything you have ever done . . ." M.L.

"I was so happy to be in civilized England. The tour experience was truly magical and enchanting!" C.G.


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Stonehenge "Special Access"--
Join Us as our Tour Group goes Inside the Henge



"I am most impressed with the knowledge and scholarship shown by Ron and his guest experts on these tours . . . " C.A.

"I was delighted to see a ball of light!" M.L.

"The crop formations are awesome!"

Mysterious Things Can Happen in a Crop Circle to Your Cameras and Equipment!

camera crop circle
Camera Failure in the Math Matrix Formation (2006)

Crop Circle Tours

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