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One of the issues that comes up every year on our crop circle tour is how to dress properly. The main thing to remember is that weather is highly variable in the U.K., which means it can get wet. Very wet. And that means the fields may get muddy too.

So apart from bringing a sweater, you want to bring along a good raincoat, gummy boots, and hiking shoes if it's dry. Some people also like to bring along rain pants.

Shorts or longpants? When you are hiking into crop circles you definitely want long pants. The wheat stalks can really scratch your legs. Shorts are fine for other outings and walking around town.

A windbreaker is a good idea as the temperature can cool down in the English summer evenings, especially out on the downs.

You want to bring along a sun hat for the daytime and perhaps a wool cap for the evenings, for those late night skywatches. Don't forget the sunglasses as the wheat stalks can create quite a glare.

Sandles can be OK in town, but are not sufficient to cover your feet out in the fields. Sure, the crop circles are flattened, but the tram lines can have rocks and other objects in them. For crop circle walking and other types of general hiking around the countryside you need a good pair of hiking boots.

Gummy boots are worth their weight in gold because it can sometimes be long hike through the farm fields to get out to the crop circles. The standing stalks can retain a lot of water after a rain shower so your pants can get wet too, if you don't tuck them into your boots. In this situation, rain pants can't hurt either.

So to sum things up, don't forget the wet wear, sun protection, and hiking boots or other sturdy shoes.

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